Are You Tyler Perry’s Next Star?

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    Tyler Perry is looking for his next big star on the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage cruise! Book your cabin today for the opportunity of a lifetime to audition for a role in one of Tyler Perry’s upcoming projects. You’ve got to be there to be discovered!


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    60 thoughts on “Are You Tyler Perry’s Next Star?

    1. Hello Tyler P. some time ago God spoke to me regarding instinct and accountability. I personally hand over to you, a letter I was ordered to write (the night I was in a painful state of mind and frustration) but not to address the receiver. The following morning,
      The Lord ordered me to hand the letter to you. I received confirmation the morning you walked in. Nervous and scared, I stepped out on Faith and I obeyed Gods order. I have since then, re-written another letter and this time to You. I felt the need to explain, how writing the letter came about. God willing, I will see you soon. Thank you for being the Light that Shines, In a Dark Place. “Show Him What Cha Got” Lol…”
      Leading Lady,

    2. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry: Just want you to know that “you are my future husband in MY Head”..LOL. You are a “special man” that requires a “special woman” to handle your overwhelming success and lifestyle!! It’s me baby and I would love to tell you and show you more:). I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to connecting in a spiritual, emotional and mental capacity:). It’s time for me to step outside my box and share my talent and intellect with the world! All things are possible when you step out on faith and TRUST IN THE LORD!! Amen

    3. I would love just to be in the same place with Mr. Tyler Perry. To be in one of his movies would be the best.
      Thank you Xandria
      Just to let you know I am 8 years old.

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