All Black Everything Night

The password for the night will be “Beautiful” – as we celebrate all black everything on the cruise that’s lit with a purpose!

Represent Your Selfie Night 

Wear clothing that represents you, your hometown, your favorite sports team, fraternity/sorority, college, family, anniversary, or cause!  Take a selfie and post on your social media to create selfie envy from your friends and family that didn’t make the trip.

Sneaker Ball (Formal Night)

No one does Formal Night like we do on the Fantastic Voyage. We’ll party across the seas in our fancy tuxes, gowns and favorite sneakers!

70’s, 80’s, 90’s Superstar Night

Flash back to the favorite era of your life! Who was the Superstar (Performer, Movie Star, TV Favorite or Celebrity) that you admired most? Live the dream and dress up as them and be your own Superstar for the night.

White Night

We’ll keep the night bright and so fresh and so clean in all white!

Mardi Gras  – Kings & Queens Night

You are Royalty!!!!  Join us as we bring the energy and fun of the New Orleans Mardi Gras to the ship! Wear your favorite costume and be ready to party like royalty!

Pajama Night

A pajama party is the best way to have fun with all of your new friends on the ship. It’s the ultimate sleepover in your favorite pair of pajama clothing. Let’s get together and have a good time!