Travel Insurance:

Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation investment, and incur unplanned expenses. We strongly encourage you to consider the purchase of travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as loss of income, medical emergencies for you or someone dear to you before and during the trip, a death in the family, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. In fairness to our passengers that purchase travel insurance, we strictly abide by this Transfer, Cancellation, and Refund Policy regardless of personal circumstances or circumstances beyond your control that prevent or delay your participation. Travel insurance may be purchased from a national insurer such as Travel Guard (, an AIG company, or type “travel insurance” into a search engine. Fantastic Voyage earns a nominal fee if you purchase travel insurance through Travel Guard. Insurers usually require the purchase of coverage to occur near the date of booking. Some airlines offer travel insurance – please be aware that such insurance rarely covers more than just the air fare; you might still lose your investment in the cruise package. Seriously consider purchasing from a travel insurance carrier, which usually covers the entire investment. Every year we have passengers that lose their investment, because they “didn’t think it could happen to them.”


You may transfer your reservation to another person subject to the procedures in this paragraph and acceptance by Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center. Such transfer must be made no later than Friday, March 17, 2017. In order to make the transfer, the owner of the reservation must contact Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center to obtain a transfer form. The reservation owner completes the transfer, which includes the contact information for the recipient. The Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center will contact the recipient of the transfer for them to complete a Transfer Acceptance Agreement and a Reservation Agreement. There is a $500 transfer fee due at the time of transfer, which may be split in any manner between the transferor and the recipient. The transfer between transferor and recipient may be as a gift or as a sale between the two parties. Transfers made without the Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center’s participation and authorization will not be manifested to the ship and there will be no refund of the package price.


Cruise packages which were won as prizes in a promotional contest or sweepstakes are subject to the transfer rules of the promotion under which they were won, which in some cases may completely prohibit the sale or transfer of the cruise package. If there isn’t a promotional restriction, then the cruise package may be transferred under the policies described herein.


Cancellations and Refunds:

Knowing that unforeseen situations may present themselves to our guests (please refer to the Travel Insurance paragraph above), we do offer a procedure for cancelling your cruise. Cancellation requests must be received in writing. We make a great commitment in bringing such a luxurious cruise to our guests and, therefore, the deposit of $5002 per person is non-refundable regardless of circumstances. However, the balance of your cruise commitment is refundable at the following rates:


Cancellation Date Before Refund Percentage1
Friday, November 18, 2016 50%
Thursday, December 29, 2016 40%
Friday, January 27, 2017 30%
After January 27, 2017 No Refunds Allowed

1   As a percentage of the balance remaining after the deduction of the non-refundable deposit.

2  Deposits on suites may have been higher. The total deposit is non-refundable.



Changing Pricing Categories:

If after booking you decide that you would like to change pricing categories, the price of the new cabin will be the higher of (i) the current pricing of the new cabin or (ii) the price of the current cabin on your reservation



Payments more than fifteen (15) days past due will incur a late payment fee of $50.00. Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center may also cancel a reservation if the reservation is two (2) payments delinquent, has not had a payment made in thirty (30) days, if the Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center believes that payment on the reservation will not be completed by the deadline, or if the “Reservation Agreement” has not been returned within ten (10) days of receipt. Should Fantastic Voyage’s® Call Center cancel the reservation, the terms of this “Transfer, Cancellation, and Refund Policy” shall apply.

Returned checks:

Returned checks will incur a processing fee of $50.00. If a guest has two (2) returned checks within a twelve-month period, checks will no longer be accepted and the guest will be required to provide an alternate form of payment.

Cabin mate cancellation:

The person booking the cabin is considered the “Primary Guest” on the reservation and controls the reservation. The Primary Guest is also responsible for the reservation. Should a cabin mate cancel, the Primary Guest and remaining guests on the reservation, if applicable, are responsible for completing the remaining payments of the canceled passenger.