It’s the Original Party with a Purpose

Tom Joyner was the first to charter an entire cruise ship and customize the experience to his guests. The Fantastic Voyage was the first, and it’s still the best…partying while keeping students in school at HBCUs.



It Supports Our Community and Our Institutions

Education has always been a cornerstone of our advancement. The Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage helps to keep students in school at HBCUs.




There’s No Other Cruise or Party Like It

Past cruisers will tell you…There is no experience like the Fantastic Voyage cruise. People place it on their list of lifetime aspirations somewhere between starting a business and traveling to Africa.



There’s a Tax Benefit for You

While you are providing opportunities for our students and support for our schools, you may be earning a bonus for yourself: a possible tax break on the next year’s return.




The Party is 24/8

Ain’t no party like a Tom Joyner party! And with activities all day and concerts, parties and parades all night, a Tom Joyner party really doesn’t stop!



“All-Inclusive” Has Never Included So Much

A ride to the pier? We’ve got you! Food 24 hours a day, including room service? Done! Fitness, seminars, games and inspiration all day, followed by concerts, comedy and parties all night? It’s in there! Once you’re booked, just get yourself to and from Miami, and we’ll take care of the rest by the time you get home from this one of a kind cruise- you’ll be ready to pass out!!*




Celebrities Everywhere!

There’s the talent that we announce…and then there are all of the celebrities that come on board just for the party and the experience! The stars aren’t just on the stage. On the Fantastic Voyage, you never know who you’ll be next to at the bar, at dinner, in worship, or on the dance floor.



The Legendary Beach Party and Water Gun Fight

It’s all fun and games until someone gets soaked! We’re one big happy family on board the ship. But when we hit the beach and the water guns come out, all bets are off!

An Epic Water Gun Battle!
32 photos



Carnival’s CEO Is Joining Us

We are proud to partner with Carnival for the 2015 Fantastic Voyage because of their commitment to our party and our purpose. In fact, Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald is so focused on making your experience exceptional that he will be joining us on board.



The Fantastic Voyage Family

Some people come on the voyage together as a family. Some folks meet on the cruise, get married and become a family. We even have “cruise babies” made by people who added to their family while on board. No matter how you define “family” – blood, greek affiliation, hometown crew, college roommates – when you sail on the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage cruise, you become a part of our family!


*Itinerary, schedule and performances subject to change.

Consult with your accountant or preparer regarding the tax-deductible donation.

Shuttles provided from MIA and FLL airports available on designated dates and times only.

Alcoholic beverages, spa and salon services, shore excursions available at additional cost.