There’s an old saying that goes, “you can’t know where you are going until you know where you come from”, and no saying could apply more to the consummate entertainers of our generation Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, and Ralph Tresvant who together are a testament to the ideology that hard work, perseverance, and undeniable talent equals longevity.

In an era when titles such as “Iconic” and “Legendary” rarely apply, Bobby Brown, “The Entertainer”, Johnny Gill, “The Crooner”, and Ralph Tresvant, “The Swooner” are the quintessential examples of living legends.  The voices of New Edition who are responsible for more than 30 million records sold worldwide as well as carrying on the illustrious torch of R & B have reunited under the only title befitting of their collective greatness, Heads of State.  While the formation of an all-star singing group is not a new thing for the music industry, what makes Heads of State so remarkable is the fact that all three superstars were once a part of the same group.  However, before you get the idea that Heads of State is merely an all-star cover band formed only to perform past hits, think again.  Representing the embodiment of staying power these three musical gems have many of today’s hottest producers and songwriters lining up to add them to their resume, setting the stage for what is surely to be one of the most anticipated albums in decades.

The owners of a catalog of hits to include:  “Candy Girl”, “Cool It Now”, “Mr. Telephone Man”, “Can You Stand The Rain”, “Boys to Men”, “My Prerogative”, “Sensitivity”, and “My, My, My” that are considered by many to be the fabric of both R & B and Pop, along with an unmatched signature stage show are the intangibles that make the trio music royalty.

Refusing to give their fans anything less than their best has and always will be Bobby’s, Johnny’s, and Ralph’s recipe for success.  Formed in September 2008, Heads of State is the brainchild of the three musical giants who to date has performed more than 120 sold out shows on four continents for tens of thousands of fans.  Heads of State treats fans to a smorgasbord of classics and new hits that will surely take fans back to the days when showmanship, class, and superior singing were a priority not an option.  After a recent concert, famed news publication, the New York Times contained the following quote, “A splinter wing of its (New Edition) best singers…..a union of old-school showmen conceding little to the years gone by”.

The gatekeepers of a time long passed when great singing and performing mattered most is what separates Heads of State from most groups of today.  At a time when the music industry is in such dire need of artists who personify true talent, Mr. Brown, Mr. Gill, and Mr. Tresvant are a throwback to the architects that made R & B music the force it is today.  With over a quarter of a century of performing around the world for millions of adoring fans, Bobby, Johnny, and Ralph are truly the “Heads of State”.