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All Black Everything Night

The password for the night will be “Beautiful” ­ as we celebrate all black everything on the cruise that’s lit with a purpose!


newsletter-flashback15#FBF (Flashback Friday)

Flash back to the favorite era of your life! Rock your favorite 70’s gear, your best 80’s garbŠflash back to any time you loved the most!


Denim and Diamonds

Pair your best summer denim with your favorite bling and turn up from top to bottom!


newsletter-mardigras15Mardi Gras Night

Join us as we bring the energy and fun of the New Orleans Mardi Gras to the ship! Wear your favorite costume and be ready to party!


Pajama Night

It’s the ultimate sleepover in your favorite pajamas with your favorite group of partyers!


newsletter-represent15Represent Night

Wear clothing that represents you, your hometown, sports team, fraternity, sorority, college, family, anniversary, or cause!


Sneaker Ball (Formal Night)

No one does Formal Night like we do on the Fantastic Voyage. We¹ll party across the seas in our fancy after five tuxes, gowns and favorite sneakers!


newsletter-white15White Night

We’ll keep the night bright and keep it clean in all white!

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Theme Nights 2016

  1. LaSonya Sherley on said:

    I think represent night should be first. I loved it as we were boarding the ship seeing where everyone is from. I even met some people from my hometown when we first boarded and we ended up having a ball together in the cruise. Please consider changing represent night to the first night. Thank you

  2. David F on said:

    I totally agree with LaSonya. Represent Night has always been the first night and should always be for the reasons she cited. Also, I bought by wife a beautiful gown for Formal Night. Ain’t letting her wear sneakers with it 🙂 We love you, Tom and crew. This is our 8th cruise!

  3. Michelle Hayes on said:

    I agree that Representative night should be first if for know other reason then convenience. If it is first you do not have to worry about when or if you luggage will arrive on time. Other than that I like the new changes in the theme.

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