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Golfing, shopping, contests, games, worship and one EPIC water gun fight. There’s NEVER a dull moment!

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Activities

  1. Ms. Francine Williams on said:

    It amazed me in the beginning and even now how closely resembling your Madea character and my Grandmother’s Aunt, Auzzie Gray is so alike. All family members addressed her either as “big moma” or just granmomma (without the “d”).  All my Mississippi upbringing memories come to play whenever I see Madea in action. Auzzie was a courageous soul that didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. She stood over 6’ and had size 13 feet, her eyes were big and daring. I remember on several occasions while taking me, my sister and brother to her doctor visits how she would just go in and pass up the receptionist desk , down the hallway she would go calling out the doctor’s name. Now, everyone knowing how she was just let her be….or it could be that they had sense a nuff (in my southern voice) not to mess with her. LOL!!! That being said, I would love the chance to meet with Mr. Tyler Perry and to even consider sharing with him some of my unique experiences with my Aunt Auzzie.

  2. lashonda charles on said:

    Hi I would love to take this cruise and audition and meet Mr. Tyler Perry. I’m hoping I get the opportunity to do so. Is this audition being administered during the entire cruise and are there any future auditions going on in Texas?

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