Represent Night

Wear clothing that represents your hometown, favorite team, frat/sorority, family, cause, etc. Post your photos on social media to create selfie-envy!

Mielle Organics presents Sneaker Ball (Formal Night)

No one does Formal Night like the Fantastic Voyage! Party across the seas in fancy tuxes, gowns & sneakers!

Denny’s presents Mardi Gras Night

We’re bringing the fun & energy of Mardi Gras to the ship! Wear your favorite costume & be ready to let the good times roll!

White Night

We’ll keep the night bright, so fresh and so clean in all white!

70’s Night

Flashback to the era of disco, platform shoes, and big afros as we dress to relive the 70s!

Black with a Pop of Color

A colorful twist that gives uninterrupted black a new spark. Spice up your all-black with a pop of solid color – bright red pumps…a bold blue tie…or even hot pink hair!

Pajama Night

It’s the ultimate sleepover as you party in your favorite pair of pajamas!


*All itineraries, times, ports, performers, appearances and locations are subject to change without notice.