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4 thoughts on “Fantastic Voyage Sizzle

  1. MARY E SANDERS on said:

    All I can say glad you all had fun because most of you ruined the beginning of my cruise. I was one of many who had to wait in Miami heat outside for over 4 hours and got no good compensation from Carnival. They blamed most of you for leaving rooms late but not all of you are to blame. I just hope that most of you are more considerate next year. I blame Carnival for most of that delay because they have control. Thanks and you all have fun next year.

    • Stephanie Griffin on said:

      Mary CLEARLY you didn’t bother to get the FACTS regarding the delay in your embarkation because it had absolutely NOTHING to do with US and EVERYTHING to do with Carnival’s equipment malfunction and disorganization. We have flights to catch after a week of cruising, so staying on late isn’t an option. Additionally, like you stated, Carnival does have control over leaving rooms and they did NOT allow anyone to leave their rooms late.
      Instead of being over here spewing your hate (and probably jealously for not being on the Fantastic Voyage) reach out to Carnival and get the TRUTH!!!

      • MARY E SANDERS on said:

        Ok Stephanie thank you for your comment but not hating on you at all. Hating on the people that were still departing at 3 p.m. and laughing at us while taking pictures of us. Carnival did blame it on you guys and then others said it was equipment failure. This apparently was a case of she said he said. You may also want to contact Carnival about it and then you will see what they were telling many of us. I wrote this to make Mr. Joyner aware of the hate people were feeling and not so much with him but with some of the people that attended and didn’t care. Some of the rumors went as far as Janet Jackson still signing pictures at 10 am. and people waiting in line. I have no hate for this cruise at all just the way it was handled and how they clearly kept blaming Mr. Joyner and the people on that particular cruise thus why I wrote my comment. Thank you for your response and at least I know it was not all of you.

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