FV24 Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown has been one of the most compelling American artists of the past thirty years, a magnetic and talented figure who successfully crossed over many musical genres, including R&B and hip hop, as well as the mainstream. – New York Times

Bobby Brown stands as a true icon in the realm of music, a multi-talented artist whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Throughout the past three decades, he has consistently demonstrated his magnetic charisma and remarkable versatility as an entertainer, seamlessly navigating and conquering various musical genres, from the soulful rhythms of R&B to the electrifying beats of hip-hop.

Bobby’s ability to transcend genre boundaries and achieve resounding mainstream success speaks volumes about his enduring talent and enduring relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of music. Bobby Brown’s impact on the music industry remains a testament to his artistry, creativity, and the profound connection he shares with his audiences worldwide.

Bobby Brown’s transformative journey stands as a remarkable testament to his resilience and remarkable personal growth. From his early days as the notorious “Bad Boy” of the entertainment industry, he has undergone a profound evolution, emerging as a matured individual who has gleaned invaluable wisdom from life’s myriad challenges and setbacks.

His entrepreneurial success story with Bobby Brown Foods.com, thriving for over a decade, is a testament to his dedication to promoting healthier living through an array of all-natural products, notably the BOB-B-Q Burger. Bobby Brown’s journey serves as a potent reminder that even when confronted with adversity, one has the capacity to emerge as a stronger, wiser, and more resolute individual, underscoring the profound significance of personal growth and resilience in the human experience.

Bobby Brown has received recognition from his peers in the form of the R&B Soul Music Icon Award. He is also actively involved in various creative projects through Brown Ribbon Entertainment, ranging from live theater to primetime television.

In 2018, “The Bobby Brown Story,” a mini-series that aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET), emerged as a significant milestone in Bobby Brown’s career. The series not only delved into his life’s narrative but also showcased an original song titled “Like Bobby,” representing a contemporary autobiographical and confessional pop song. Collaborating with iconic songwriter Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and legendary producer Teddy Riley, Brown poured his heart and soul into this project, intending to offer viewers an authentic glimpse into his journey. Notably, Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown assumed the roles of executive producers for the mini-series, underscoring their commitment to providing an unfiltered and compelling portrayal of his life, replete with numerous intriguing facets.

His pivotal role as a co-producer of “The New Edition Story” was nothing short of a phenomenon, drawing an astonishing viewership of 29 million and securing No. 1 ratings across multiple platforms, including BET, Facebook, and Twitter. This monumental achievement paved the way for his subsequent project, “The Bobby Brown Story,” seamlessly continuing the captivating narrative where the New Edition story had left off.


Bobby Brown takes immense pride in the fact that New Edition, founded four decades ago, not only catapulted him and his childhood friends to international stardom but also evolved into a beloved and enduring family-oriented cultural phenomenon. This enduring legacy firmly establishes Bobby Brown as an enduring icon in the world of entertainment, celebrated for his profound contributions to music and storytelling.


As a pivotal member of New Edition, the group achieved astounding success, selling over 20 million records worldwide. When he embarked on his solo career, he continued to shine, with 12 million copies sold, five gold singles, and three No. 1 R&B hits to his name. His album “Don’t Be Cruel” not only solidified his solo stardom but also earned him prestigious accolades, including the Grammy Award, American Music Award, and Soul Train Music Award. Notably, “Don’t Be Cruel” was the best-selling album of its year. Bobby’s single “My Prerogative” further cemented his place in music history by dominating the charts for an impressive six consecutive weeks. Beyond music, Bobby Brown’s talents extend to the literary world, as he is also a New York Times best-selling author for his memoirs titled “Every Little Step,” offering fans an intimate glimpse into his remarkable journey and life experiences.


Bobby Brown’s contributions to the music industry have earned him a place among the Top 60 Male Artists of All Time, as recognized by Billboard Magazine on its 60th anniversary. He is also the recipient of the Black Music Honors R&B Soul Music Icon Award, an honor that supports the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) in Nashville.


In 2015, Bobby Brown and wife, Alicia founded The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, a haven designed for individuals seeking refuge from domestic violence. Through this project, Bobby and Alicia are unwaveringly committed to raising awareness about the urgent necessity for emergency domestic violence interventions and preventive measures.


Their tireless commitment to positive change has earned Bobby and Alicia the esteemed recognition of being this year’s recipients of The Movement Maker Award. This honor serves as a resounding testament to their unwavering dedication to making a profound impact in the lives of others.


The prestigious accolade presented by “In a Perfect World,” a non-profit organization is steadfastly devoted to empowering the next generation through the creation and support of programs that provide education, mentorship, and artistic expression to underserved and at-risk youth around the world. Alicia and Bobby’s extraordinary work with The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, lovingly known as BKSH, exemplifies their status as true movement makers in the ongoing pursuit of a brighter and more inclusive future for all.


When reflecting on his remarkable journey, Bobby Brown shares his perspective: “I believe my longevity as an artist, my commitment to family, and my ventures in entrepreneurship all stem from a deep well of passion, determination, and a love for what I do. It’s about keeping the fire burning, staying true to your roots, and constantly evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities life presents.”