Born Vyshonne Miller in New Orleans, Louisiana, Silkk The Shocker is arguably the most popular rapper on the hugely successful No Limit Records, the underground hip-hop label founded by his brother Master P. He began rapping as a teenager and was a member of several gangsta crews, including the Down South Hustlers. Originally known as Silk (without the additional k), he was a member of Tru alongside Master P and his other brother C-Murder. In keeping with No Limit’s highly nepotistic approach to record promotion, he appeared as a guest rapper on label compilations and albums by several other No Limit artists. He released his debut album, “The Shocker”, in 1996 and soon afterwards adopted The Shocker. Like most other No Limit releases, the album became a big underground hit, although there was nothing groundbreaking or remotely original about its clichéd gangsta rap. However, Silkk was easily the most marketable of No Limit’s artists, with his imposing physique and youthful good looks. In 1997 he appeared on numerous No Limit releases, including the soundtrack for _I’m Bout It (1996)_ (av), Tru’s “Tru 2 Da Game”, Mia X’s “Unlady Like”, Mystikal’s “Unpredictable” and Master P’s breakthrough chart-topper “Ghetto D”. Silkk’s sophomore effort, “Charge It 2 Da Game”, consolidated No Limit’s commercial status. The album debuted at US @3 in March 1998, while Silkk’s duet with R&B singer Mya on “Movin’ On” became a big radio hit. “Made Mann” was his most accomplished set to date, and debuted at US # 1 in February 1999. It quickly went platinum like its predecessor.